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Plumber Near Me in Allen, TX

Are you looking for a plumber in Allen, TX?

Maybe your overflowing toilet more closely resembles nearby Cottonwood Creek, or maybe you’re just tired of that annoying, leaky faucet.   

We’ve all been there before. You’re on the phone with a technician, balancing dinner on one hand and a plumbing emergency in the other, trying your best to explain the plumbing hell you’re currently experiencing. 

Of course, you’re not a plumber – who knows if what you’re describing is even registering with the person at the other end! 

At Pro Tech Direct, we’ve made things easier for you – we’ve partnered with the top plumbers in Allen, TX so you can take the guesswork out of your plumbing emergency!

It’s Always Hard to Find the Best Plumber Near Me in Allen – Where do I Even Start?

It’s not easy to plow through pages of reviews, empty promises, and potentially shady businesses when you’ve got plumbing issues on your hands. 

We remember the frustration (and really, the dread) of having to find the perfect plumbing expert that could get the job done quickly, and cost-effectively. Searching for a “plumber near me” only complicated things more – pages of nonsense and low-effort customer reviews, when all we needed was to solve our problems FAST!

What we really needed was the cream of the plumbing crop – a pro that could fix it all, from drain cleaning in Allen to water heater repair/replacement, clogged toilets and all the grimy details in between. 

As anyone will tell you, plumbing problems get in the way of life without warning – they don’t wait for guests to leave! We needed our problem fixed the right way, the first time.

Finding a Plumber in Allen, TX

You’ve got enough to deal with trying to diagnose your plumbing problems over the phone – after all, this isn’t your expertise and guessing just leads to more of a delay. Not to mention the fact that the job could be misquoted entirely without the proper information! 

So, what do you do when you’re looking for a plumber in Allen, TX

You could try and handle it all on your own. 

We did, and trust us – we wished we hadn’t.

Searching through pages and pages for a plumber, judging which reviews were worth it and which ones were bogus, coming up with a short list of techs that could maybe get the job done, finally deciding on one, calling (and being put on hold), then trying your best to explain what is going on – all of it is enough to drive someone crazy! 

That sound you just heard? That was your water heater that was in desperate need of replacement. 

There has to be a better way, right?

The EASIEST Way to Find Allen Plumbing Services 

We made these same mistakes so you don’t have to.

Customers across Allen, TX now have an easier and convenient way to find Allen plumbing services – a certified expert every time, without question. 

Pro Tech Direct takes the heavy lifting out of your plumbing problem – simplifying the entire process for every customer, no matter what their issue may be. 

That’s right, it doesn’t matter what sort of problem you may be dealing with. Our plumbers in Allen, TX are ready to help you with:

  • Drain Cleaning 
  • Water Heater Repair/Replacement
  • Leaky Faucet 
  • Slab Leak Repair
  • Clogged Main Lines
  • And Everything in Between!


Pro Tech Direct connects YOU with a licensed, certified, expert plumbing technician.

Remember the days of trying to explain what was wrong with the labyrinth of pipes in your basement? 

We’re here to tell you that those days are OVER! 

Instead, plumbers themselves will diagnose your problem through video chat, providing you with an accurate and fast estimate in the process. 

Using Pro Tech Direct means you’re a step ahead when it comes to solving your plumbing emergency. The benefits to YOU, the customer, make an otherwise stressful process a breeze, including:

  • Accurate estimates 
  • Convenience of being connected with a licensed expert, right away
  • Fast problem solving 
  • No hassle…EVER 


There’s no more wasted time trying to find the answer to your Allen plumbing services – because Pro Tech Direct has your answers!

The BEST Plumbers in Allen, TX use Pro Tech Direct 

You’re not just inviting any old handyman into your home.

You need the best plumbers in Allen, TX. 

You need a licensed professional, someone that’s experienced, insured, and has the industry knowledge to back it up. 

You need reviews from REAL customers, but who has time to sort through them all? And of course, top of the line customer service is a MUST. 

Why waste your time even considering a mediocre technician to solve your problem?

The BEST plumbers in Allen make their home with Pro Tech Direct.

Only these top-flight experts have access to a service like Pro Tech Direct. We empower our customers by connecting them with the elite in the plumbing industry. Our network of plumbing professionals value your time and money, and they are committed to giving you an accurate diagnosis the FIRST time around. 

You can connect with confidence, knowing that the top plumbers in Allen, TX are at your service, ready to remedy even the most complicated of plumbing needs.

So, what are you waiting for?

Tired of wasting your time and not getting your plumbing needs met?

Let Pro Tech Direct solve your problem – TODAY! 

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Need Plumbing?

All Masters Plumbing
7501 US 287 Hwy, Suite C4, 
Arlington, TX 76001
Phone: (817) 200-4703
Business Hours:
7 AM-7 PM Mon – Fri
7 AM – 12 PM Sat

Need Help Fast?

Download our FREE app and talk to a plumber to get plumbing help NOW!